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Configuration Files

Consoles & Menus

Green Armor
Green Armor 2
Grey Armor
Pink Armor
Rasta Armor
Velvet's Blue Armor
Velvet's Pink Armor
Yellow Armour

1 Key Admin Stop/Go1 Key Force everyone Spectator/Player
1 Key Spectators Mute1 Key Spectator/Player
1 Key Team-SwitchAutoexec FilesAutoexec-Sauron
Autoexec-Sauron Drivers Fix
Autoexec-Sauron Quick Check/Connect+Console Server List
Color Codes FlaglightFPS/Autoexec CheckKeifers autoexecs
Map Editor FilesMiddle Box JumpOne Button SoF Sound Mute/Unmute
Pretty ScreenshotsSafe rcon usage

4 Men ModBlack, Yellow, White ScorescreenCell Mod
Cloud Console BackgroundDutch Marine Corps Console
Dutch Orange ConsoleHappy menu Theme
Keifers Transparent ConsoleMenu Text ButtonsMyFly Mod Orange Score ScreenPersian Loading Screen
Persian Transparent ConsolePredator Mod
Red Score ScreenRokans ModSemi Transparent Console
Shabba's Admin Control PanelSoFPlus Menu Say
Timurothi Killtext ModYellow Portrait Border
Van Damme Menu


Flags, Grenades, C4 & Medikits

Head-Up Displays

[GTO]Toxic SightFl44 Crosshairs 3Fl44 Crosshairs 4
DarkGreenJays v.4(Green dots)Keifer 2009
Keifer 2010PersianPersian MardukPersian Red
PinkRed SquareReps Yellow Square
RoundSauron AnimatedSkullWhite Round

Ammoboxes v0.51FlashpackIceman Pink Backpack
Iceman Red BackpackMad FlagsPersian Flags
Persian Green C4Persian Green GrenadePersian Red C4Pink Hands
RBAC FlagsRed Shotgun PickupSeals C4/Medikit
Sauron FlagsWhite HandsYellow Armour Box

[Total Torture] HUD[Total Torture] HUD Version 2
[Total Torture] oldskool HUDDummond HUDDW HUD
Jay HUD Version 2Persian HUDPersian HUD 2Seals HUD Version 1
SoF1 Double Helix HUDToxic Health/Armor HUD

Maps & Map Fixes



[CTF] Complete Maplist with Screenshots
[DM] Complete Maplist with Screenshots
[RDAM] Maps collection: DM, BT, COOP
iraq_small2Installing mapfixesMap fix indexPawnalley

Create a Custom Sky
Persian Extra Sky
Persian Extra Sky 2
Persian Extra Sky 3
Persian Extra Sky 4

SoFplus Client & Server by CTRLSoFplus 20121028 Manual
Disable ClaymoresDisable PhosDisable Force Spec
Enable BloodEnable Swap/Play/Spec
Idle to Spectator ScriptPlayer Kill/Death Ratio
Record in-game 20121028SoFplus Screenshot Extension
Sof on WidescreenWhisper System




[RDAM] Weapon SoundpackO Fortuna Start Sound
CoD SoundpackCowboy startsounddope_mod final version
dope_mod part 2Goldeneye 007Jay Soundpack v3
SoF1 Double Helix SoundpackSuper Mario Soundpack
Quake3 Soundpack

Ghost weapons SkinsJay Greener Shotgun
Persian Black ShotgunPersian Pink Shotgun
Persian Sniper ScopePersian Sniper Scope 2
Rebel Shotgun SkinSentinel Gold WeaponsSMG to AK74
Sniper Weapon ModSniper ZoomSniper Zoom 2
Sub SMG to MP5 WeaponToy Guns

All Single Player Save FilesAutoexec Builder
Dutch/NL TranslationGICCTF Fish Steps (ytubvid)
Missing Car Textures Mod Installer
QuARK 6.2cSkin Princess FixSoF SDK 1.1
SoFcolor Scoreboard Mod

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