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Mod Title Version Description Author Location
 Activity Stats   1.0.0   Lists of all registered users who have visited the board in the last 24 hours. Lists stats on the number of new posts, new topics and new users within the last 24 hours. Highway of Life Website
 Anti Double Post   2.0.4   This MOD allows you to disable double posts. Théonaute Website
 AOS Who Visited a Topic   Displays the amount, users who have visited a topic, similar to a pop-up Who is online?, configurable from the ACP. Alorse Website
 Arcade   2.0 RC5  Full arcade add-on for phpBB 3.0.11 or later
Updated to RC5-PL2 30/06/2013
KillBill Website
 Board3 Portal   2.0.2   Portal front page for phpBB3, complete with blocks and installer.
Updated 26/03/2014
Marc Website
 Bots Page   1.0.2   This modification will add a Bots page containing info about the installed bots. Stoker Website
 Breizh Ajax Checks   1.3.0   This mod allows to perform ultrafast checks in real time (Ajax) for username, email address and password in the registration page (ucp.php?mode=register) and in the page edit account settings (ucp.php?i=profile&mode=reg_details). sylver35 Website
 Contact Board   1.0.10   Allows guests and/or registered users to either send an email to admins or to either send a PM or make a Post in a designated forum. Allows an admin to choose to have attachments for forum post or PMs. RMcGirr83 Website
 Custom BBCodes Page   1.0.3   This modification will add a Custom BBCode page containing all installed BBCodes. Stoker Website
 Custom Header Logo with custom backgrounds   1.2.6   Custom Header Logo displays logos and background images in the header. This can changed for all forums and categories independently. You can also add a logo and background images to all pages like search, memberlist or user control panel. Balint Website
 Display Inactive Users' Email and IP Addresses   1.0.0   Adds the email and IP address of inactive users to the inactive users list of the Users and Groups tab in the Administration Control Panel. Oyabun1 Website
 Display last post   1.0.0   This MOD displays the last post from previous page on the top of viewtopic. Théonaute Website
 Enable Browser Language Detection MOD   1.2.3   Enables the browser language detection for guest users not to use the default language of the board. Martin Truckenbrodt Website
 Error Pages   1.0.3   Error Pages for your forum. There are 5 error pages.
"Error 400 " "Error 401 Authorization Required" "403 Forbidden" "404 Not found"
Stokerpiller Website
 Extend phpBB Breadcrumbs   1.0.4   This is a very simple MOD that will allow you to extend the phpBB standard breadcrumbs to any page of the board. For example, installing this MOD, breadcrumbs will shows: Board index ‹ User Control Panel (it will shows also module names eg: Board index ‹ User Control Panel ‹ Edit global settings). It adds also the topic title in breadcrumbs. Primy Website
 Forum Based Posts Per Page   1.0.1   Adds a forum based posts per page setting to ACP, which is similar to topics per page. mtrs Website
 Highslide Attachment Mod   4.1.15   Makes attached images open in a nice popup layer. Large images fits screen (resized) with option to view fullsize. With Gallery and lots of config options in the JS file. Stokerpiller Website
 Instant Post Redirect   1.0.2   Redirects instantly after posting a message instead of using meta redirection. eviL<3 Website
 jQuery Replace Broken Images   1.0.0   This MOD dynamically replaces broken (no longer available) images on your board with a custom graphics. doktornotor Website
 KeyCAPTCHA   2.0.2   Interactive KeyCAPTCHA is the unique anti-spam solution for your site. It is a free service providing effective protection by means of a highly attractive  CAPTCHA. KeyCAPTCHA Website
 Legend Repositioning   1.0.3   This MOD allows administrators who have access to manage groups to reposition the groups they have displayed in their legend, both on the index.php and viewonline.php pages.
Installed by Persian
Tom Website
 mChat   1.3.5   Мini-chat (aka a "shoutbox") for a phpBB forum.
Installed by Persian.
RMcGirr83 Website
 MOD Version Check   1.0.3   Adds a version check to your board to keep up to date on all your mods.
Installed by Persian
Handyman Website
 Mods Database   1.0.7   Adds a simple Mods Database for keeping track of the mods installed on the board with possibility to add various additional information. lefty74 Website
 National Flags   2.0.4   Adds the ability for users to set their National flag which are then displayed in viewtopic, memberlist, profile page and also shows the top five countries. RMcGirr83 Website
 NoVa Easy Login   1.2.0   Adds a login area to the bottom of the index.php file.
Installed by Persian
NoVa x ChAoZz Website
 NV advanced last topic titles   1.3.3   With this MOD you can display the title of the last post or topic on the forumlist
Installed by Persian
nickvergessen Website
 NV newspage   1.0.6   Adds a extra-page to the board where a switchable number of news are displayed. The text can be shorten to a certain number of chars. nickvergessen Website
 NV Who was here?   1.2.1   Adds a list with all users, which visited the page today, on the index.php.
With saving the record of usercount in ACP on or off.
nickvergessen Website
 phpBB Gallery   1.1.6   An image-gallery integrated into your phpbb-board. nickvergessen Website
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