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 : Introduce Yourself   Topic: El CasTro

 Subject: Re: El CasTro
Posted: 11 Jun 2016, 09:25 

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butcha wrote:
iv no idea wot u guys talking about but i geuss its evilan crying so i agree with castro.

Evilan explained that when he was born his mother tried to choke him, his brains diddnt had enough air  wich resulted in... well.. we all know don't we  :huh:

 : Introduce Yourself   Topic: El CasTro

 Subject: Re: El CasTro
Posted: 07 Jun 2016, 17:27 

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Hello Maker sup mate :)

Hoooi Rene ouwe ballert jonge, heb je het wk nou al eens gewint?

Nee evilannetje.. nprobeer nog een keer...

 : Introduce Yourself   Topic: El CasTro

 Subject: Re: El CasTro
Posted: 04 Jun 2016, 13:13 

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Hey jonge, te laat voor wat dan precies? volgens mijn horloge ben ik altijd op tijd namelijk ;)

 : Introduce Yourself   Topic: El CasTro

 Subject: Re: El CasTro
Posted: 04 Jun 2016, 07:42 

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Je behaarde snorre moeder op een stokkie..
+1 voor onze poetisch samenwerking.

 : Introduce Yourself   Topic: El CasTro

 Subject: El CasTro
Posted: 03 Jun 2016, 16:46 

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Anyone here...?



 : General   Topic: CasTro^

 Subject: Re: CasTro^
Posted: 06 Sep 2015, 10:59 

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Hoi belg!

 : EF General   Topic: Memberlist

 Subject: Re: Memberlist
Posted: 05 Sep 2015, 22:22 

Replies: 2
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Yo bitches, the boss is back!

 : General   Topic: CasTro^

 Subject: CasTro^
Posted: 05 Sep 2015, 22:20 

Replies: 12
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i was wondering... anyone still playing this shit?

 : Introduce Yourself   Topic: Hey

 Subject: Re: Hey
Posted: 02 Aug 2014, 21:46 

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TotalitioN wrote:
fluxy wrote:
smokestaH wrote:
Sauron wrote:
Keifer wrote:

 : Flame   Topic: PISSED!

 Subject: Re: PISSED!
Posted: 21 Jun 2014, 15:40 

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Dutchman wrote:
welk ras hond is dat op die foto? Ogen zeggen me iets van het senne ras of rotweiler/dobberman maar is niet helemaal goed te zien (ik ben zelf van de Border Collies)

Volgens mij is Cindy meer van de Border line ipv de Collies.  :rockban:

 : General   Topic: playing?

 Subject: Re: playing?
Posted: 20 Jun 2014, 19:13 

Replies: 6
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snake wrote:
gunna have to give it a download and show my face, let people know king of sof 2015 still around big dawg is here

Shit.. was thinking about playing some sof but after this messege im a bit intimidated..
Might waiting a year or sum...  :ohmy:

 : Introduce Yourself   Topic: hoi

 Subject: Re: hoi
Posted: 28 Mar 2014, 18:48 

Replies: 7
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nee, wees stil!  :mrgreen:

 : Flame   Topic: breaking news!!1

Posted: 25 Feb 2014, 17:03 

Replies: 90
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butcha wrote:
Swedish server is gone from sof, i repeat.. swedish server is gone from sof

which means my 12 ping is gone aswell.. so its ok for all u crybabies to reinstall now the ass whoopin days are over  :whacky:

Ahh nice, that means i can finally start my comeback!  :wub:

 : General   Topic: Hello!

 Subject: Re: Hello!
Posted: 13 Dec 2013, 21:59 

Replies: 19
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hmm... zelfs waterpolo is mannelijker?? tja... dat over korfbal is ook gewoon tijdloos dus waarom origineel zijn.  :tongue:

hoi persik, alles persik dan?  :)

 : General   Topic: Hello!

 Subject: Re: Hello!
Posted: 11 Dec 2013, 14:34 

Replies: 19
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man man man.. ga toch op korfb... nevermind!  :ghehe:

 : Introduce Yourself   Topic: Okay, I´m back after 10 years off

Posted: 11 Dec 2013, 09:31 

Replies: 24
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 : General   Topic: Hello!

 Subject: Re: Hello!
Posted: 11 Dec 2013, 09:30 

Replies: 19
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Ja joh, want polen spreken perfect engels?  :fp:

 : General   Topic: Hello!

 Subject: Re: Hello!
Posted: 06 Dec 2013, 21:50 

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Yo stoney boy,
Im not playing sof anymore since some years now.
Once in a while i take a look at this dead ass forum with the same bitch ass internet gangsters tryin to diss eachother for like 13 years straight now?

Anyway, are you still a german?

 : General   Topic: XS

 Subject: XS
Posted: 26 Nov 2013, 17:10 

Replies: 1
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Can someone gimme acces to EF private forum?

Good job in advance. :cool:

 : General   Topic: It's time

 Subject: Re: It's time
Posted: 04 Oct 2013, 03:30 

Replies: 9
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Double post: Added to original @Vr Okt 04, 2013 3:30 am

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