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Tue Nov 03rd, 2015
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Here I am. I can't believe I found this. I can't even remember how I stumbled onto this. Well the name was usually Mings, although, I had many especially in clans. I was part of FGs(Faded Giants), BB(Bearded Bastards), O, DC (Don't Clown), RD (Reservoir Dogs) just to name a few. I miss all of the drama that came with SoF online. I remember the WON chat rooms as well. Some of the players I remember are Needle, Spike, Crip, Deca, MDK Beast, UNSnake1/Logyka. Some of the big clans before I left were HEL, sM., =CW=,MOD,B&F,HK,gANg, and O. Its been too long and I can't remember much but good lord was it so much fun. Def the best multiplayer game i've played on PC as far as FPS's go. I hope to somewhat get back into it . I'm way too rusty. Now only if people were in the servers.....

03 Nov 2015, 02:21

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Tue Nov 22nd, 2011
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Hello, welcome back.

Don't worry, the drama is still here, just to a lesser extent lol.
It's the first time that the game looks really dead, normally it comes back around this time of the year and gets quiet again around summer.

Perhaps not a bad idea for some people here to set up mixed games

03 Nov 2015, 19:38

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Sat Dec 10th, 2011
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Hello there Mings, i think i do remember you.
If your name had black colours and you had Another family member playing sof in gANg clan  :)  gANg clan, that was way back.... my new Days in sof, were i couldn't kill those bastards those Days, were i couldn't join any clan or speak any proper English lol

gANg Enigma, gANg Archer, gANg Deicide
Strange i still remember those players.. )BB) clan, prolly the strongest ever USA side together with C*K.    FGs MooF, FGs JeSuS, FGs Kuren   oh yes this brings alot of memories.  

I used C*K EURO / [A]EURO Think your cousin later started [A] clan ehhhh  :tongue:
TF bomjr / TF Junior any many other nicks over the years.

04 Nov 2015, 16:08
United States of America

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Wed Jul 18th, 2018
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Was just thinking about the good times I had with the Faded Giants back in the early 2000's Playing SOF. Did a search and here I see an old post of someone else doing the same. I Played as FilthyMcNasty, sometimes just Filthy or McNasty.

I recall playing with some of the BB crew pretty regularly. I mostly remember a few of the FGs members Dawg, RatBastard, MooF, Kuren(who I wanna say was close with the BB crew) Bravo33(number?) who I made a valentine's flash video in exchange for his old 64MB video card, and i'm sure there were others i would remember if i heard their names again. The days of RogerWilco, Pre-steam. I was playing on Dial-up at the time, It's a wonder any of that even worked well enough to play!  

If anyone sees this post and are former members of this crew please send me a friend request on Steam "vFilthyMcNastyv" I currently play a lot of PUBG and am always looking for good folk to play with.  

Hope someone runs across this again, we need to have a digital reunion. I'll drop a Perma-Link to my Discord server as well: Discord

18 Jul 2018, 23:00
United States of America

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Sat Jul 28th, 2018
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Whats up fuckemup!!!! Lol

28 Jul 2018, 09:58
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