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Author:  Nijogeth [ 08 Sep 2016, 15:26 ]
Subject:  Re: KoD AvolA

Last post of the previous page :
butcha wrote:
Lol evilan calling nijo new school :lol:

Compared to him, I am newschool. But I was only CA since UDe died (it died when Guard went AFK, but I managed to maintain a team for 3 or 4 seasons together with Gunner, Raptor and almost the every clanless player around, even Evilan) after I came back and only joined TT when CA was unmanagable. I was KOD before I quit SOF in 07??, but never had a different clan (that played leagues) before that, because I played in Doghouse, the European remainder of Doghouse called Buddies and the evolved form of Buddies called SOF Mercenaries aka SofMerc. But CA is what he remembers me for.

EDIT: But I never got banned or kicked from G Server in those times.

Author:  Evil4N [ 08 Sep 2016, 22:24 ]
Subject:  Re: KoD AvolA

Unlike many clans, the death of CA clan is still considered a big lost to the community, in my opinion. They had their own social system, like with CA tournaments and such. But mostly because CA clan gave SoF a growth of sof-players for the league. It's a shame CA left us.

Getting new players in SoF, is something we all can do. But it was CA that showed us how to get the new players into the league on a competitive level.
Personally I didn't liked CA much. Boxa, Yzor, Yump and Ermak were ungrateful useless cunts.

Author:  AvolA [ 09 Sep 2016, 16:01 ]
Subject:  Re: KoD AvolA

Stop hijacking my topic with Evilan/TDW based nonsense :P Btw, hi Dutch :D

Author:  Denial [ 09 Sep 2016, 17:44 ]
Subject:  Re: KoD AvolA


Author:  Arsenal [ 09 Sep 2016, 21:00 ]
Subject:  Re: KoD AvolA

Almost brings a tear to the eye knowing evilan is missing me and my fellow fallen compatriots.   :huh:

Author:  Evil4N [ 14 Sep 2016, 21:04 ]
Subject:  Re: KoD AvolA

Ben je net als Mayor en Chaos geworden ofso ? Waarom zet je 6 servers online op SoF ? Ga maar eerst 6 spelers op SoF krijgen, voordat je met 6 servers aankomt...

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