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05 Jul 2020, 23:56

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High quality soundtrack!!!!!!!11 
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Thu Mar 05th, 2015
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Ok so this is a clickbait, but a positive one with some useful stuff and info. MUCH READING. :)))

So I got in touch years back with the soundtrack author and he doesn't have it anymore (at least he said so). Weird, very weird. But that doesn't mean no one in Raven doesn't have it(that means go nag them about it ^^).

I could process the (game ripped) soundtrack with *some* tools, to get a semi high quality sound, which would be tons better(at least that's my subjective judgement) then playing back plain game ripped files.

I probably could do this now, but there's one thing inefficient in the signal chain (that I'm using) that *could* improve the sound a lot.

I'm talking about (as far as I understand, by quickly reading Wikipedia page and if I'm wrong then just correct me) the codec and how it codes/decodes. If the ADPCM compresses linearly all frequency dynamics to 4bit(?) and then interpolates that into 16bit in the decode process, then one could skip the interpolation, or interpolate into 8bit and do *some* processing, instead of relying on a *harsh* interpolated 16bit signal. If the compression isn't linear, then one could do multiple decodes and just do a crossover.

So one could do a special decoder build and program this into the code. (I would do this ASAP, but have a tendency of problems in getting source codes to compile).   :fp:

Also if there's any other magic software that smoothes out dynamics, that is frequency independent then this could be used too.  :)

Also I give you a question - would you rather want a release with one track per level, or 2-3 "tension" and then 1 action all in a playlist. So instead of track count of the level number, you would have like 3-4x times of that(excluding DM tracks) and you could customize the way the soundtrack is played in your music player, how many times the "tension" part, and how many the "action" part for every level music. That is a great way of looping without editing files, but the bad side of that is that you have then a "non-tidy" playlist. One thing worth mentioning about leaving the parts as they are, that they aren't perfectly cut, but if your player already crossovers between tracks, then they sound fine when the (tension) loop is played again.

kos3_Tension(ST demo1).flac - Google Drive
Example of my current signal chain. I used LP filter at 9khz 12db/oct on top of it as the generated highs were quite harsh.  :tongue:

One thing to note that my signal chain is driven by many algorithms, and I can't wait to see that all in a *neural net* (AI) version, or in other words what can you do with upscaling images by an algorithm, and what can you do if you upscale by an AI? :)

Second thing to note, that this processing could improve all the sounds in the game. :clap:


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23 May 2020, 20:40

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Wed Nov 23rd, 2011
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VoivoD wrote:
Second thing to note, that this processing could improve all the sounds in the game. :clap:

That would be pretty neat to hear.

24 May 2020, 19:53
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