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28 Feb 2021, 00:20

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When execute sof-server-start.bat I got error hidebot.cfg 
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Thu Apr 02nd, 2020
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Good morning to everyody. How are you ?

I'm desperate... I was not using SOF for long time... changed PC, changed job... many changes!! :)))

I reinstalled SOF1plus and tried to host a server as I did 1 year ago... but I'm becoming old and my memory does not works so well anymore...

when I execute the batch file "sof-server-start.bat" it seems lo load the server application service, but then few seconds later I got this error : Unable to exec hidebot.cfg
execing bot/mapcfgs/default.cfg

and I do not find the server online...

Is there a good guy that could help me please ?

Kindest Regards,


02 Feb 2021, 15:34

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Sun Dec 04th, 2011
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Hello,  :smile: You can ignore the 'Unable to exec..' stuff, it will not effect the server

What's inside your sof-server-start.bat?

+set hostport  28910 +set gamespyport 28911 +set _sp_sv_master_gamespy sof1svmaster.megalag.org

Im no server hosting expert but you need make sure those two ports (28910 and 28911) are forwarded on your router. A more detailed guide can be found here SoF Dedicated Server - HOWTO (serverguide)

if you need further help just ask

02 Feb 2021, 21:10
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