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25 May 2019, 02:24

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Trenchbroom: Quake 1 and 2 Editing 
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Mon Jul 09th, 2018
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FYI I'm working on making SoF1 work in the Trenchbroom editor. You may know of it; it's become the most popular for Quake 1 and 2 editing, and many people including myself find it to be by far the most convenient editor, so much so that it is preferred to work entirely in the 3D view.
So far it's very unofficial support and I've had to convert textures to JPG for use in the editor, pending .M32 format support, and the models are also not supported yet so we still use the regular coloured rectangles for entity bounding boxes.

Should I make a separate thread for this? I have fairly thoroughly discussed SoF support with the admin of Trenchbroom but with Quake being the focus, and multiple other games also pending support (RTCW is another thing that I'm getting to work which is actually a bit easier still) he won't work much on it yet, but does have it listed as official goals.

(here's the official topic for TB support: Add support for Soldier of Fortune · Issue #1998 · kduske/TrenchBroom · GitHub )

.m32 support and getting the entity models into the editor would be great and I wonder if people from this forum could provide assistance with this? Perhaps the Quark coders would be the place to go?

One issue I'm having while I still use the .def file with simple bounding boxes for entities (as opposed to in-editor model display) is that the bounding boxes don't really rotate along with the rotation that I provide. So for example a rectangular Bench bounding box will stay at the same angle, even though I've set its rotation and it appears in the applied angle in game. Maybe this is simply a Trenchbroom thing that is missing and I should discuss with Kristian Duske (of Trenchbroom)
Sorry if this is considered to be an off-topic post and I can make a new thread for it if preferred.

13 Jul 2018, 10:40
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Fri Dec 02nd, 2011
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I want to help out, but not sure where to begin. The idea looks interesting.

22 Jul 2018, 04:24
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