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400+ Screenshots 2004-2007 
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Sat Nov 26th, 2011
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Last post of the previous page :
Im on only 1 screen and i have 1 point. Probably hopped in after some of my team ragequit in that 17-1 loss, cause i cant see myself only having 1 point and staying. 4vs3 wouldve been better then.

17 Jan 2015, 21:33

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Wed Jan 09th, 2013
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Never followed you around, Jr.  But when I get the urge to follow the advice of utter inconsequential nobodies on legal sof issues, you'll be the first one I call on. (snicker) But you’re right buddy, I hated that yank Vio’s guts back in ’04. Later on I found him on a US server in ‘06 and we played some games together in both US and Euro, even had him on our memberslist at one point I think. He was the reason we killed G the first time tho, had a flamewar going on with him and Nukem over a loss in Scar’s priv forum, which divided the clan. Good times. Ra]G[e was Enzyme, recruited him and Fatty for TCL season 13 after we retired EFZ like a fucking Ford pickup truck in season 12.

20 Jan 2015, 01:05

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Sat Apr 09th, 2016
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Fuckemup wrote:
Shard, was a cool guy really.. .tot. forgot about him
yeah i had a few americans in times to times.

VeNgEnCe <-- prolly this one you mean, funny guy Always made me laugh.
Needle also ran around with the tag sometimes.
Then we had Vio, prox didn't like him at all... but guy was strong.
And then we had Beaver as Kenpachi.
Also MD/K Spida was in the first one.
hmmm And Another dude who Went under name [G]NADEWHORE.
also some american.

Can't remember who Choker was, we also had a Smoker Believe it was Soto hehe.
Alot of "okers"

*edit* Don't remember me having any troubles with anyone in [S] but had a few flamewars against this Lubo/Matheo/Eddy Brothers yes... hacking kakliners

Haha so funny to read this, just found this forum.. I made a post in the New Inteoductions but it has to be reviewed I think.
Anyways, would love to get some stories/screenshots!

Talk to you later,
Erik aka Shard/Vandal

09 Apr 2016, 16:24

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Wed Nov 23rd, 2011
Location: Netherlands
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Screens died, ha there goes his legacy.

09 Apr 2016, 21:30
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