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Complete CVAR list with explanation 
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Mon Nov 21st, 2011
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Note: Some descriptions are copied from various sources

ai_corpselife "5"
ai_dumb ""
ai_editdir "p:" Directory used in the developement with the enemies AI.
ai_highpriority "" Makes all guys really expensive (turns off culling).
ai_goretest "" Sets health really high.
ai_freeze "" Freeze monsters frame animation.
ai_maxcorpses "20" Set the maximum number of corpses showing on the ground.
ai_pathtest "" Adds omniscience to guys.
ai_nonodes ""
ai_spawnfrequency "" Set the frequency rate of spawning monsters.
aipoints_show "" Print lines and halos to display monsters prediction path.
aidec_show ""
ei_show ""
allow_download "1"Allow client to download.
allow_download_maps "1" Allow client to download custom map file.
allow_download_models "1"Allow client to download custom models file.
allow_download_players "1"Allow client to download custom skins file.
allow_download_sounds "1"Allow client to download custom sound file.
allow_download_stringpackage "1"Allow client to download custom string package (text) file.
base_a44 "0"
base_a556 "0"
base_a9mm "150"
base_aknife "6"
base_armor "0"
base_assault "0"
base_battery "0"
base_c4 "0"
base_flamegun "0"
base_fpak "0"
base_fuel "0"
base_goggles "0"
base_grenade "0"
base_knife "0"
base_machinegun "0"
base_medkit "0"
base_mpistol "0"
base_mpg "0"
base_pistol1 "0"
base_pistol2 "0"
base_rockets "0"
base_rocket "0"
base_shells "32"
base_slug "0"
base_slugger "0"
base_shotgun "0"
base_sniper "0"
bot_clientstatus "0" Bots will show on the scoreboard.
bot_num "0"Setting this enables a constant number of bots on the server. The addbot/removebot/etc. commands can't be used when this cvar is enabled.
bot_waypoints "1"Setting to 0 disables waypoints and enables the fairly primitive auto-roaming system. The default is 1, which keeps waypoints enabled.
bot_wp_edit "0"Setting to 1 before loading a level allows you enter waypoint edit mode, where you can modify an existing route file.
bot_wp_draw "1"Draws waypoints as visible lines while in waypoint edit mode if set to 1. (Default: 1)
bot_wp_view "1"Shows information about the waypoint you're currently looking at in edit mode if set to 1. (Default: 1)
bot_listfile "botlist.txt"Specifies the name of your bot list file. The default is botlist.txt.
bot_random "0"Setting to 1 adds bots from your bot list file in random order, while 0 adds bots from top to bottom in order.
bot_fillserv "0"Setting this to 1 makes it so bots fill the server up to the value of bot_num, but they always leave one slot open for if a new real player joins the game.
bot_chat "0"Setting to 1 enables chat (for bots which support it), and 0 disables chatting for all bots.
bot_wppref "1"Toggles waypoint preference on and off (1 is on, 0 is off). If on, bots with a high intelligence level can intelligently roam to hot spots on the level where there might be a powerful weapon or other useful item. Turning this off can take a significant load off of the CPU.
bot_hunt "1"Setting to 0 disables the bot's ability to hunt down enemies using hearing and other factors.
bot_runtact "1"Setting to 0 disables a variety of the bot's running-away tactics (will only be noticable with higher-skilled bots).
bot_notarget "0"Bots will not target enemies while this is set to 1. It's mainly useful for observing bots and making sure a route file works well.
bot_oldpathing "0"There's not much reason to use this, but it's included anyway. Setting this to 1 will enable the old pathing method, which differs in various ways but takes much more CPU power.
bot_movetype "0"In version 1.0, bot movement was a bit more "sporadic" when bots were running away, and they would strafe rapidly while running on their trail. That was changed so that bot movement would look a bit more human-like, but if you prefer the old way, set this to 1.
bot_smoothnav "1"Turns smooth turning while navigating on and off. Typically used in level config files for when bots need to frequently make sharp turns on a level.
bot_timing ""
bot_name0 "??????" Set bot name from your client.
bot_name1 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name2 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name3 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name4 "??????" Set bot name from your client.
bot_name5 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name6 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name7 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name8 "??????" Set bot name from your client.
bot_name9 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name10 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name11 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name12 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name13 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name14 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name15 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name16 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name17 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name18 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name19 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name20 "??????" Set bot name from your client.
bot_name21 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name22 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name23 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name24 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name25 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name26 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name27 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name28 "??????" Set bot name from your client.
bot_name29 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name30 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
bot_name31 "??????"Set bot name from your client.
cd_loopcount "4"The number of times that the looping track will play.
cd_looptrack "11"The number of the music track designated to loop.
cd_nocd "0"Toggle the use of CD music.
cinem_centertime "2.5"
cl_downloading ""Display the type of the current file downloading.
cl_download_filename ""Display the location the the file being downloaded.
cl_download_percent "0"Display the percentage of the file being downloaded.
cl_freezequads "0"Pause the current particles (0=no bulletholes, weapon fire particles)
cl_obit_filter "0"Option menu: Obitunary filter.
cl_anglespeedkey "1.5"Sets the multiplier for how fast you turn when running
cl_pitchspeed "150"The speed at which the commands +lookup and +lookdown work.
cl_yawspeed "140"The speed at which the +left and +right commands make the player turn left and right.
cl_sidespeed "160"The speed at which the player moves left and right. (max - 500).
cl_forwardspeed "200"The speed at which the player moves forward. (max- 500).
cl_upspeed "200"The speed at which the player moves up and down. (max- 500).
cl_showlocation "0"Print's co-ordinates of where your standing.
cl_showfps "0"Prints how much FPS you have.
cl_maxfps "30"Allows you to change your FPS. (max- 150)
cl_minfps "5"Allows you to change your minimum FPS. (max- 30).
cl_predict_weapon "1"Toggle the use of weapons prediction.
cl_predict "1"Toggle the use of movement prediction.
cl_footsteps "1"Allows the ability of hearing footsteps.
cl_gun "1"Displays what gun you're holding.
cl_entities "1"Show or hide entities.
cl_quads "1"Show or hide particles.
cl_lights "1"Set the dynamic lighting
cl_pitchdebug "0"Show the value of Y axis via your position.
cl_speeds "0"Display the rendering performance for the current map
cl_blend "1"Turns your dynamic light black (flashbangs only).
cl_timeout "120" Time to wait for signal before giving up and assuming disconnected (net play).
cl_stats "0"Show current quads printed in action and total.
cl_testlights "0"Debugs Dynamic Light.
cl_testblend "0"Debugs Dynamic Light (Flashbangs).
cl_nolangames "0"
cl_showmiss "0"Print any missed prediction
cl_shownet "0"Toggle the display of information about network packet transmissions.
cl_ffmult "3.0"
cl_max_debris "1024"
cl_max_quads "852.571411"
cl_subtitles "1" Show subtitle.
cl_run "0" Always run.
con_maxlines "1024"Maximum lines stored in the console.
con_buffersize "32768"
con_notifytime "3"The time in seconds that messages are displayed on the screen.
control_bonus "1" Set bonus point in CONTROL mode
control_limit "13" This is the number of points required to finish a control level.
ctf_loops "32" This is the number of flag captures before the map cycles.
ctf_control_delay_time "20" This is the number of seconds warmup for CTF, Control and Conquer.
cpu_memory_level "3"
cpu_memory "640"
cpu_memory_using "3"
cpu_speed_level "4"
cpu_speed "1302"
cpu_amd3d "0"
cpu_mmx "0"
cursor_blink_speed "500"Name say all.
flood_msgs "4" Maximum message to be printed in X number of seconds.
flood_persecond "4" Number of messages allowed through "X" seconds
flood_waitdelay "10" Time to wait before you can speak again.
flood_killdelay "10" Time to wait before you can suicide via 'cmd' again
fs_createpak "0"
fx_edit "0"
fx_editdir "p:"
fx_editsegment "0"
fx_run "0"
fx_trail "0"
fx_collide "0"
fx_sound "null"
fx_partsub "0"
fx_graphic "0"
fx_partadd "0"
fx_partadjust "0"
fx_maxdebrisonscreen "16"
fx_noflash "0"
fx_sim_time "60"
g_movescale "1.0" We like a really fast game. However, some other people do not. Use this setting to slow down the movement of players. A setting of 0.5 will make everyone move at exactly half speed.
gl_version "1.5.2"Show current
gl_renderer "GeForce FX 5900/PCI/SSE2"Show what video card, slot and SIMD?
gl_vendor "NVIDIA Corporation"Show video card company name
gl_fogdensityrange "-1"Set the range for the density of the fog.
gl_fogtime "-1"Set the speed of the fog's movements
gl_fogend "-1"gl_fogstart to infinity
gl_fogstart "-1"Set the start distance radius of the fog
gl_fogdensity "-1"Set the density of the fog
gl_fogcolor "-1"Set the color for the fog (RGB)
gl_saturatelighting "0"Toggle the saturation of all lights.
gl_drawbuffer "GL_BACK"Specify which color buffers are to be drawn into
gl_drawflat "0"Toggle the drawing of textures on the map.
gl_drawmode "0" Make the walls transparent.
gl_showeffectfill "0.0"Show the effect ratio the client use in variable.
gl_textureclamp "1"Set a size limit on textures.
gl_lockpvs "0"Lock to your current view only.
gl_cull "1"Toggle the use of internal OpenGL functions for removing covered objects.
gl_finish "0"Toggle the calling of the gl_finish() OpenGL function after each rendered frame.
gl_ztrick "0"Toggle the use of a trick to prevent the clearning of the z-buffer between frames.
gl_showtris "0"This command toggles a map of the triangles that the engine is drawing for the current view. The edges of the triangles are shown in white and the faces are darkened.
gl_skymip "0"Toggle the usage of mipmap information for the sky graphics.
gl_nobind "0"Toggle the binding of textures to the appropriate walls and objects.
gl_dynamic "1"Show the dynamic light.
gl_lightmap "0"Toggle the display of all light sources on the map.
gl_log "0"Toggle the logging of all the OpenGL commands.
gl_allow_cds "0"
gl_allow_software "0"Toggle the emulation of missing OpenGL functions by the game software.
gl_fogverts "0"
gl_fogmode "0"Select the fog mode (0 = Normal -- 1 = Additive)
gl_rj "0"
gl_gentextures_broken "0"
gl_scissor_broken "0"Make the text appear over the layout in the menus.
gl_swapinterval "1"This is the time delay between frame swaps so long asgl_ext_swapinterval is enabled. For fastest performance, set this to "0"
gl_s3_s3tc "1"Toggle the use of S3TC texture compression.
gl_ext_anisotropic "1"Enable the use of Anisotropic Filtering.
gl_ext_multitexture "1"Enable multiple texture processor support.
gl_ext_swapinterval "1"Setting this to "1" will enable the use of the gl_swapinterval command upon the next vid_restart.
gl_displayrefresh "0"Set your screen refresh rate. It is better to keep the value at '0'.
gl_offsetunits "-2.0" gl_detailtexturing placement tweaks related to glPolygonOffset.
gl_offsetfactor "-2.0"gl_detailtexturing placement tweaks related to glPolygonOffset.
gl_dlightintensity "2" Controls the amount of flaglight (the higher the value, the bigger the flaglight).
gl_effectfill "5000" Option menu: Effect overdraw
gl_texturemode "GL_LINEAR" The mode used for rendering textures.
gl_detailtexturingdistance "10000" Option menu: Detail texturing range.
gl_detailtexturing "1" Show textures in detail. A value of '3' will only print the detailed texture that are generaly blended with the original one.
gl_modulate "1" Option menu: Intensity (lights)
gl_picmip "0" The level of detailed for textures used on walls.
gl_pictip "0" Some textures and entities can optionally be set to show if only gl_pictip is disabled.
gl_monolightmap "0" Toggle the display of all non-dynamic light sources on the map.
gl_clear "0" Toggle the clearing of the screen between each frame.
gl_bitdepth "0" Set the colour depth.
gl_driver "opengl32" Type of video driver currently in use.
gl_mode "6"Screen resolution variable.
ghl_precache_texture "1"
ghl_precache_verts "0"
ghl_pre_cull "1"
ghl_no_cull "0"
ghl_no_render "0"Disable the view on ghoul.
ghl_wireframe "1"Show/Hide wireframe of all ghoul as such
ghl_light_multiply "1.3"The multiplier of the light projecting on ghouls.
ghl_gllight_max_lights "6"
ghl_gllight_attenuation "1"
ghl_gllight_directional "0"
ghl_gllight_local_viewer "1"
ghl_obj_fog "1"
ghl_poly_fact "-.1"
ghl_poly_unit "-.1"
ghl_max_lights "3"Maximum lightning projected on ghoul
ghl_fast_lights "0"
ghl_shadow_dist "25"
ghl_shadow_tilt ".25"Set the tilt degree of shadows.
ghl_shadow_darkness ".75"Set the density for the darkness of shadows.
ghl_player_shadow "1"Toggle the use of shadows on ghouls.
ghl_shadows "2" Option menu: Shadow quality
ghl_no_server_update "0" Stop the server from sending information to ghouls.
ghl_no_texture_stack "0" (This help to fix problems with 3dfx video driver)
ghl_specular "1" Option menu: Specular lighting
ghl_light_method "3" Option menu: Ghoul light method
ghl_mip "0" Option menu: Skin texture quality
gsc_port "6667" Set the IRC port.
gsc_server "peerchat.gamespy.com" Set the IRC server link.
gsc_user "JohnMullins" Set the IRC username.
gsc_nick "Deathtrap" Set your IRC nickname.
host_speeds "0"Toggle the display of the game engine's performance statistics.
in_initjoy "1"Initialisation of the joystick
in_initmouse "1"Initialisation of the mouse
in_joystick "0"Enable the use of joystrick.
in_mouse "1"Enable the use of mouse.
ipx_clientport "0"
ipx_hostport "0"
joy_yawsensitivity "-2"Set the YAW sensitivity of the joystick.
joy_pitchsensitivity "-2"Set the PITCH sensitivity of the joystick.
joy_upsensitivity "-2"Set the UP sensitivity of the joystick.
joy_sidesensitivity "2"Set the SIDE sensitivity of the joystick.
joy_forwardsensitivity "-2"Set the FORWARD sensitivity of the joystick.
joy_yawthreshold "0"Set the YAW threshold of the joystick.
joy_pitchthreshold "0"Set the PITCH threshold of the joystick.
joy_upthreshold "0"Set the UP thresehold of the joystick.
joy_sidethreshold "0"Set the SIDE threshold of the joystick.
joy_forwardthreshold "0"Set the FORWARD threshold of the joystick.
joy_advaxisv "0"
joy_advaxisu "0"
joy_advaxisr "4"
joy_advaxisz "0"
joy_advaxisy "1"
joy_advaxisx "3"
joy_advanced "1"
joy_avail "0"Info value for the detection of the joystick.
joy_name "joystick"Joystick name.
log_file_counter "0" This keeps track of the number of levels played. If it is 0 (zero) then it will not be used. If it is 1 or more, it will append itself to the logfile name each complete level and increment itself by one. Eg. Set log_file_counter to 1 and log_file_name to “log.txt. The first level will output as log1.txt, the second level as log2.txt etc.
log_file_name "" If this is set to a none null string (ie. There is a name), the game stats will be logged to a file.
log_file_footer "" This is a string that ends a file.
log_file_header "" This is a string output once per level at the beginning of the file.
log_file_line_header "" This is a string that goes before each line that is output.
log_file_mode "a" If this of “o” (the letter) then the logfile will overwrite itself each level. If it is anything else, then the information will be appended to the log file.
log_stats "0"Toggle the logging of map statistics.
m_cursor_accel "2" Option menu: Mouse emulation top speed.
m_cursor_speed "8" Option menu: Mouse emulation acceleration.
m_doublespeed "200" Option menu: Mouse double click speed.
m_filter "0" Toggle mouse input filtering.
m_side "0.8" The level of precision when the mouse is used move the player left and right.
m_forward "1" The level of precision when the mouse is used to move the player forward and back.
m_yaw "0.022" The level of precision when the mouse is used to turn the player left and right.
m_pitch "0.022" The level of precision when the mouse is used to make the player look up and down while the +mlook command is in effect.
m_sensitivity_wheel "5" Sensitivity of your mouse wheel.
m_invert_y "0" Invert the Y axis looking (swing your mouse down to look up).
m_sensitivity_y "5" Sensitivity of your Y axis.
m_invert_x "0" Invert the X axis looking (swing your mouse left to look right).
m_sensitivity_x "4" Sensitivity of your X axis.
menu_animated 0/1
menu_mail_available 0/1Enables/Disable the mail button in the main menu page.
menu_mouse_y "384"Y axis value of the mouse in the menu.
menu_mouse_x "512"X axis value of the mouse in the menu.
mskins_variety_limit "0"Use this to set the variety of skins available for enemy models.
mskins_expression_limit "0"Use this to set the amount of facial expressions that can be used by enemy models.
net_socksPassword "" Password for the SOCKS5 server.
net_socksUsername "" Username for the SOCKS5 server.
net_socksPort "1080" The port used by the SOCKS5 server (normally 1080).
net_socksServer "" This is the IP of the server that is physically connected to the internet.
net_socksEnabled "0" To enable use of a SOCKS5 server to talk to the outside world.
net_ttl "0"
net_mainip "-1" To specify the main IP index (use ip_list to see the IPs).
net_receiverate "1"Simulate internet packetloss on a LAN. Setting to 0.66 will fail to receive one third of packets.
net_sendrate "1"Simulate internet packetloss on a LAN. Setting to 0.33 will not send a random two thirds of packets.
net_shownet "0"
r_dynamic "0"
r_lightlevel "0"Save off light value for server to look at.
r_warnings "0"Show with a full screen color if your map is at risk of overflow.
r_speeds "0"Toggle the display of information about the renderer performance.
r_nocull "0"Toggle the rendering of objects which are covered up.
r_novis "0"Toggle the use of VIS information from the map data.
r_drawworld "1"Set to "0" to hide everything (everything becomes black) Not recommended!
r_drawentities "1" Toggle the display of object entities on the map. (Weapons, Pick-ups etc.).
r_fullbright "0"Toggle the use of lights at full brightness on the map.(set to "1" to eliminate all shadows).
r_norefresh "0"Toggle the redrawing of the game screen.
r_nearclipdist "4"Minimum distance view able on textures
r_farclipdist "65535.0"Maximum distance view able on textures
r_force_sgi_software "0"
r_iaf ""Set the translucent texture format.
r_isf ""Set the texture format.
rcon_address ""Set the IP address to remotely use the rcon_password.
rcon_password ""set the rcon password to control a server.
s_testsound "0"Plays a '702 Hz def beep' to test your sound.
s_show "0"Prints off each sound as it goes off.
s_disable "0"Disables all sound.
s_initsound "1"Switches on certain sounds.
s_musicenabled "1" Enable/disable background music.
s_primary "0" Exclusive DS Buffer.
s_loadas8bit "0" Toggle the loading of sound samples in 8-bit mode.
s_khz "22" Sound frequency.
s_musicvolume "0.393750" The volume for music in the game.
s_volume "0.554464" The volume for sound effects in the game.
s_mixahead "0.2"Set the delay of sounds
s_nosound "0"Toggle the playback of sound effects in the game.
s3tc_avail "1"Info value for the detection of S3TC texture compression.
sc_framerate "30"
sk_maxencum ""Set the carring capacity in single player (0 for unlimited).
sk_toughness ""Set the monsters toughness.
sk_saving ""Set the limit of saving in single player.
sk_spawning ""Set the spwan frequency on monsters.
sp_language "0" Display text language type.
stat_moneyadd "" Show stat of money earned (single player).
stat_playedtime_base "" Show stat of time spend on map (single player).
stat_playedtime "" Show stat of all time spend on maps (single player).
stat_cashearned "" Show total of money earned (single player).
stat_savesused "" Show number of save(s) used (single player).
stat_gibs "" Show number of time client shooted on monster's gibs
stat_headshots "" Show number of time client shooted on monster's head (single player).
stat_nutshots "" Show number of time client shooted on monster's nut (single player).
stat_throatshots "" Show number of time client shooted on monster's throat (single player).
stat_friendlieskilled "" Show number of time client killed no threat monster (single player).
stat_guyskilled ""
sv_altpmodlistfile "custom"
sv_enforcetime "0"This disallows out of order client packets if set (I think). Out of order packets are a normal part of  internet play, but could potentially be used for cheating.
sv_flash_big_ents "0"*REQUEST ELABORATION* Toggle the use for an admin, flashing big entities such as func_wall after hitting a dimention of size.
sv_gravity "800"This is the gravity used for the game (default: 800). A number less than the default will let you jump higher, 0 being a weightless environment.
sv_gravityx "0"Set the gravity only for the X vector (Default: 0).
sv_gravityy "0"Set the gravity only for the Y vector (Default: 0).
sv_gravityz "1"Set the gravity only for the Z vector (Default: 1).
sv_jumpcinematic "0"Jump the cinematic sequence. Value of 1 will keep the s_disable active; Value of 2 will be disable both cvar after one cinematic jump.
sv_maplist ""List your map in map list rotation.
sv_maplistfile "insanity"This is the file that contains the list of maps to run through.
sv_max_ghoul_mp "200"The maximum size of a Ghoul network packet (default 200).
sv_maxvelocity "20000"This clamps the velocity of any player to this value no matter what. This is so the networking works on consistent data. Increasing this could cause physics issues over the network. (Default: 20000)
sv_no_big_ents "0" *REQUEST ELABORATION* Toggle the use for an admin, disabling the view on big entities such as func_wall after hitting a dimention of size.
sv_pmodlistfile "ghoul/pmodels/everybody"
sv_quicksave_index "1"
sv_reconnect_limit "3"This is the minimum number of seconds between connection attempts. Used to prevent flooding with multiple connection attempts.
sv_restartlevel "0"When the player dies, space bar restarts the level.
sv_rollangle "2" The rolling angle from the player.
sv_rollspeed "200" The return speed from rolling angle.
sv_showdamage "0"
sv_show_strip "0"
sv_suicidepenalty "2" Penalty for blowing up oneself. This is to encourage players to be more careful with grenades, C4 and the rocket launcher.
sv_testsave "0"
sv_violence "0"Value of violence to be played.
scr_menuoverlay "0"Freeze your screen.
scr_drawall "0" Toggle the display of extended characters on the client's display.
scr_centertime "2.5"The amount of time in seconds that center printed messages stay on the screen.
scr_showpause "1"Toggle the display of a graphical icon when the game is paused.
scr_showturtle "0"Toggle the display of a graphical icon when the frame rate in the game drops below 10 frames-per-second.
scr_conspeed "10000"The speed at which the console screen lowers./td>
scr_printspeed "8"The speed at which the final message is displayed at the end of each episode.
scr_interface "1"Show/Hide your Head-up Display (HUD).
snd_dll "defsnd.dll" Select sound file driver.
team_red_blue "1" Force player to equal the team.
tip_duration "2500"The time game messages are displayed (eg: flag captured)
use_amd3d "1"Set x to 1 to enable support for 3DNow optimisations on all semi-modern AMD CPUs. Set it to 0 if your CPU doesn’t support 3DNow.
use_ff "1"
use_mmx "1"Set x to 1 to enable support for MMX optimisations on all semi-modern Intel CPU’s. Set it to 0 if your CPU doesn’t support MMX.
vid_card "geforce"
vid_brightness "0.600000"Variable setting on video brightness.
vid_contrast "0.600000"Variable setting on video contrast.
vid_gamma "0" Variable setting on video gamma.
vid_fullscreen "1" Switch to a fullscreen video mode specified in the vid_fullscreen_mode variable.
vid_ypos "0"Set the Y position of the game in windows mode (Not full screen).
vid_xpos "-16"Set the X position of the game in windows mode (Not full screen).
vid_ref "gl"
slug_info "items/a_slug,40,none,0"
fuel_info "items/a_fuel,30,none,0"
battery_info "items/a_battery,60,none,0"
rockets_info "items/a_rockets,8,none,0"
shells_info "items/a_shells,32,none,0"
a556_info "items/a_556,120,none,0"
a44_info "items/a_44,36,none,0"
a9mm_info "items/a_9mm,50,none,0"
aknife_info "weapons/w_knife,6,none,0"
medkit_info "items/i_medkit,2,none,1"
armor_info "items/i_armor,100,none,1"
goggles_info "items/i_goggles,100,none,1"
grenade_info "items/i_grenade,6,none,1"
c4_info "items/i_c4,4,none,1"
fpak_info "items/i_fpak,6,none,1"
mpg_info "weapons/w_mpg,1,battery,3"
rocket_info "weapons/w_rocket,1,rockets,3"
flamegun_info "weapons/w_flamegun,1,fuel,3"
slugger_info "weapons/w_slugger,1,slug,2"
machinegun_info "weapons/w_machinegun,1,a556,2"
mpistol_info "weapons/w_mpistol,1,a9mm,2"
assault_info "weapons/w_assault,1,a556,2"
shotgun_info "weapons/w_shotgun,1,shells,2"
sniper_info "weapons/w_sniper,1,a556,2"
pistol2_info "weapons/w_pistol2,1,a44,1"
pistol1_info "weapons/w_pistol1,1,a9mm,1"
knife_info "weapons/w_knife,1,aknife,1"
graphsize "50"Set the width of "Lag-o-Meter" in percentages.
graphwidth "4"Set the zoom level of the Lag-o-Meter.
graphshift "0"Set the height of the Lag-o-Meter (max. 98).
graphscale "1"Set the scale of your netgraph.
graphheight "100"Set the height of your netgreaph.
locked_summary "0" Display the numbers of locked servers.
server_summary "0"Display the numbers of active servers.
player_summary "0/0"Display the numbers of Active/Slots clients in servers.
dedicated "0"Set for dedicated server mode.
predicting "1"
spectator "0"set to "1" to go into spectator mode.
spectator_password ""set a spectator password.
password ""set a server password.
freezeworld "0"Disable a few part of the engine mechanic.
debuggraph "0"Obsolete commands.
timegraph "0"toggles display of graph showing time to draw screen
netgraph "0"Displays a netgraph which records packet loss.
showclamp "0"Toggle the display of clamping information which relates to network performance.
timedemo "0"Toggle the extrapolation of frames to maintain constant game speed.
paused "0"Set to "1" to pause a game (Difference with g_movescale is that with paused you can not move/fire.
zombietime "2"When a client gets dropped (lagged out, etc), the game continues to send messages to the client for this many seconds. This is to give the client one last chance to exit gracefully.
timeout "180"Time left to a client that became a zombie.
filterban "1"Usage of a ban list
weaponarena "0"Sets all pickups in the game to the objtype_t in weaponarena.
public "0"This means your server will not register with the GameSpy master server. Other people will not be able to see your server through the ingame browser or external server browsers. Use “set public 1” to make this happen.
deathmatch "0"This sets the game to the regular every man for himself fragfest. Other settings are 2 for Assassin, 3 for Arsenal, 4 for CTF, 5 for Realistic, 6 for Control and 7 for Conquer (aka CTB).
protocol "33"The version number of the SoF1 game protocol.
cheats "0"Disables cheats. Set to 1 if you wish to let players use cheat commands.
skill "2"The difficulty setting for the game.
gamespyport "28911"Set server gamespy port.
qport "..."The random internal network protocol port for Network Address Translation schemes.
showdrop "0"Toggle the display of information about dropped network packets.
showpackets "0"Prints all recieved and sent packets to and from the server.
ipxfix "1"Fix difficulty with the support of IPX network protocol.
noipx "0"Disable game support for the IPX/SPX network protocol.
noudp "0"Disable support for the TCP/IP network protocol.
version "1.07fx86F"Display the version information about the game. (write protected).
showtrace "0"Toggle the display of network packet tracing information.
logfile "0"Create a .txt file with server/client log activities.
fixedtime "0"Enable forced display of all game frames (slows the game as needed to render frames that would have otherwise been skipped).
timescale "1" Server scripting speed.
developer "0"Toggle the use of developer mode and the display of internal game information.
maxclients "32" Only allow upto this many players at once on this server.
fov "95"The size in degrees of the field-of-vision that the player sees.
bestweap ""Option menu: Weapon switching.
msg "1"Toggle the display of messages. (0-4)
rate "20000"Maximum number of bytes the server will send to the client
skin "mullins"Select your skin.
teamname "mullins"Select team name
adr19 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr18 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr17 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr16 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr15 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr14 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr13 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr12 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr11 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr10 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr9 "" Favourite IP adress.
adr8 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr7 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr6 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr5 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr4 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr3 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr2 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr1 ""Favourite IP adress.
adr0 ""Favourite IP adress.
hostname "MY SERVERNAME"This is the name of your server as appears in the server browsers.
timelimit "0" Exit the current level should it have been running for this many minutes. Set to 0 to disable this check i.e. never timeout the level.
fraglimit "1" Exit the current level should any one person reach this many kills. Set to 0 to disable this check.
health "100"
medkit "0"
armor "100"
grenade "0"
goggles "0"
c4 "2"
fpak "5"
slug "0"
fuel "0"
battery "0"
rockets "0"
a556 "0"
shells "32"
a9mm "128"
a44 "0"
aknife "6"
mpg "0"
rocket "0"
flamegun "0"
slugger "0"
machinegun "0"
mpistol "0"
assault "0"
shotgun "2"
sniper "0"
pistol2 "0"
pistol1 "1"
knife "1"
basedir "." The location of the game data files.
bob_up "0.005"
bob_pitch "0.002"
bob_roll "0.002"
run_pitch "0.002"
run_roll "0.005"
lock_blood "0" Allows player to view enemy bleeding.
lock_death "0" Allows player to view violent animations.
lock_gorezones "0" Allows player to view body damage en enemies.
lock_sever "0" Allows player to remove limbs from enemies.
lock_textures "0" Allows player to view mature content textures.
lock_pure "0" Allows player to connect to non-pure, community modified versions of Soldier of Fortune.
low_violence "0"
camera_viewdist "60.0" Set the camera distance when following enemies.
cddir ""
ctf_flag_captured "0" Set to '1' to automatically ends the game as if all flags has been captured.
ctf_loops_count "0"
crosshair "2" Toggle the display of an aiming crosshair.
dmflags "0" This configures certain aspects of the game
flushmap "0" Toggle the flushing of map during map changes.
freelook "1" Enable the use of looking up and down with the mouse.
followenemy "-1" Target the camera to an enemy in single player.
game "" Start the game using the files from a mission pack or a mod.
gamedate "" Display the game date version.
gamename "base"
lookstrafe "0" Toggle the automatic strafing when the +klook command is used.
lookspring "1" Toggle the centering of the screen after the -klook command.
name "John Mullins"The player's name.
nodamage "0" A value of '1' will make you almost invincible from monsters. A value of '2' will make you invincible from monsters.
pickupinfo "0" Do we want to track pickup information for the next level?
user "./user" specify the 'user' folder path.
shownames "1" Show player name upon skin.
stealth "1" Show/hide stealth meter.
thirdpersoncam "1" Heretic II style camera if followenemy is -1.
viewsize "100"The size of the viewable game screen.
welcome_mess ""This is the message every new player joining a game will see (it can be a maximum of 255 characters)
win_broken "0"
win_noaltenter "0" Option menu: Disable fullscreen toggle.
win_noalttab "0" Option menu: Disable task switching.
console "1" Toggle console.

 584 cvars

25 Nov 2011, 17:59
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Tue Nov 22nd, 2011
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Anyone knows where you can find the minimum and maximum values of each cvar?

07 Feb 2013, 09:39

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Topic author
Mon Nov 21st, 2011
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no clue... Perhaps Cheaterskeeter, Acadie or CTRL?

07 Feb 2013, 14:28
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Tue Nov 22nd, 2011
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Persian where did you get this list btw? and is it complete?

Was going through some old autoexecs from zoomy, bob etc and lots of commands are not in the list (listed between code for example).

Either guys from the past, tried out cvars from quake which didn't exist in SOF1, or the above cvar list is not complete.

set cl_allowdownload                        "1"                // Allow downloads
set cl_allowupload                        "1"                // Allow uploads
set cl_backspeed                        "900"                // Backward movement speed
set cl_himodels                                "1"                // High Quality Models ON

set _snd_mixahead                        "0.100"                //Maximum Performance
set bgmvolume                                "0"                //No CD Music
set hisound                                "1"                //High Quality Sound on
set s_a3d                                "0"                //A3D OFF
set s_eax                                "1"                //EAX ON
set s_reverb                                "0"                //Reverb off
set hud_fastswitch                        "1"                //Fast Weapon Selection
set r_mmx                                "1"                //Enables MMX Support which transfers some memory from your CPU to GFX card
set gl_overbright                        "1"                // Maximum brightness
set violence_ablood                        "1"                //Standard Blood on
set violence_agibs                        "1"                //Standard gibs on
set violence_hblood                        "1"                //Extra blood on
set violence_hgibs                        "1"                //Enables extra gibs aka dead bodyparts

07 Feb 2013, 15:02
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Thu Nov 24th, 2011
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Most of the commands are from other games if you want to laugh you should look at Lubo's autoexec  :clap:

07 Feb 2013, 15:49

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Tue Nov 22nd, 2011
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So I can assume the list from persian is the complete one?

07 Feb 2013, 20:07

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Wed Nov 23rd, 2011
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Just ask ctrl.

07 Feb 2013, 20:29
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Fri Dec 02nd, 2011
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i think will dump all cvars in existent at that time when you call it

cvars can come into existent at any time within the game
eg menus can create cvars when they want to or need to

sofplus has many cvars, so a client with sofplus and runs cvarlist will have different to a non sofplus client

a server will have a different cvarlist to a client too

so if you experiment with cvarlist and condump , also extend console max lines buffer

con_maxlines 10000 //this is extreme
con_buffersize 25000 //this too
condump list1.txt

also be aware of cmdlist, which does the same things except for commands, commands are like functions, they take arguments. say hello world is an example of a command, "hello world" is its args ( arg string ), its argv[1] might be hello and its argv[2] might be word, its argc would be 3,since the arguments are understood by being space seperated

references to quake 2 lists are helpful

note there are many FPS games which have autoexecs and configs, so yes people have just copied and pasted from there, also a lot of cvars are for singleplayer, so completely useless for multiplayer, but the players are better safe than sorry ;0

07 Feb 2013, 20:36

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Tue Nov 22nd, 2011
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Thanks for that explanation Dende, i'm gonna try that out tomorrow @work.

07 Feb 2013, 20:39
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