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8 New Maps
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Author:  Sauron [ 19 Jun 2017, 19:03 ]
Subject:  Re: 8 New Maps

Last post of the previous page :
SIDOX wrote:
like what they are doing with quake champions.

After the majorly failed fiasco called "SoF:Payback" don't get our hopes up :tongue:
Gotta say though was really hoping "Quake Champions" would be my next best SoF1 fix.

What is your go too game for that SoF1-'fix/feeling' ? (besides Quake(live)/Unreal Tournament)

Which currently is "Gotham City Impostors" (is free on stream) but the kick in le shambles
    Lobbies are hosted on players pc's
    no dedicated servers\no serverlist
    Ingame voice-chat is binded to V which a lot of players press without noticing, muting those players has to be done in Esc-menu or in lobby(only if you are fast enough if teams get made it will fuck up the selection thingy).
    Skill level is all over the place mostly only level 300/1000 are worthy opponents. (The ones that have mouse acceleration off and have decent aim are really easy to spot.)
    Oh and for some reason on win8/10 etc there is a lot of audio problems.
Overall fun game sucky made to a point it becomes a drag to launch let alone play.
I pitty the fool that payed $/€40+ for this now F2P game.

For sometime "Ratz Instagib" (also on steam not free though) was my go to for that SoF1-fix.
But that didn't last long though. It was free for 1 or 2 weekends and only shortly after that there would be players.

Author:  SIDOX [ 20 Jun 2017, 18:59 ]
Subject:  Re: 8 New Maps

well hopefully they'll add ctf, and the ability to make community maps!!

Author:  TheWarRbac [ 15 Mar 2020, 01:49 ]
Subject:  Re: 8 New Maps

nottmoto wrote:
SIDOX wrote:
just like to have some oldschool sof players. was also gonna ask, u been keping touch with warrior or scooby. and never knew what happened to peterRdam

Well, I play Battlefield 1 mostly as for The Warrior I have not talked to him in like 5 or 6 years so I'm not sure what happened to him.

The last time I talked to Scooby was about a year ago and if I remember right he doesn't really play anymore.

As for Pete I asked the same thing when I came to the forum and this is what I got:

Kruq wrote:
Peter Rdam lives in Rotterdam (Netherlands) he works and smokes and playing other games :p

ive been working my ass off LOL

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