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TVD: A map for 32 players
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Author:  Acadie [ 14 Jan 2018, 23:22 ]
Subject:  TVD: A map for 32 players

Map: The Violence District
Original game: L.S.D: Dream Emulator
Author: Acadie
Gametype: ALL (CTF is NOT recommended)
Size: 16+ players map
Secret(s): YES

Description: A dark, obscure and foggy open world streets map which lead into differents environment.


Setup: Place the pak file in your base folder.

NOTE: It is possible with a very high amount of players that you may face into a spot which will make you freeze from overflowing.
To reduce the risk a little bit. Go to: Option --> Scalability settings --> Corpse Duration: Low

tvd.pak [6.74 MiB]
Downloaded 46 times

Author:  Trekker [ 30 Jan 2018, 03:22 ]
Subject:  Re: TVD: A map for 32 players

Like the map, different with dark and lit places.

I disagree with the "(CTF is NOT recommended)" part; With few players or not, could be a fun CTF game! At the least, something "different"!

So far have found 2 secrets ;)

Too bad is a few years late (you, nottmoto and ChAoS), may be re-do the map with some "memorials" on the walls or banners (I reserve a spot for "Trek was here"), that, will stay with the map even if SoF starts smelling worse as per nottmoto puts it  :lol:

Thank you, nottmoto and ChAoS as well for all the recent maps.  :clap:

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