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kosctf1: The unreleased Raven map
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Author:  Acadie [ 10 Apr 2020, 00:30 ]
Subject:  kosctf1: The unreleased Raven map

Map: Kosovo, Capture The Flag 1
Author: Raven
Gametype: CTF
Size: 8 - 16 players
Background: This came in the .zip file that contain a bundle of .map file source released by Raven. Initially, the map had many holes and bugs which led to be dysfunctional. I've seen over the years some other source maps being restored (like jpndm1 and an older version of sibctb1) but none seems to have done with kosctf1 yet to my knowledge.

Setup: Place the pak file to your base folder.

NOTE: Everything is left untouched to its original state with one exception about the lights in blue side being too dime. This would cause trouble with players thus making this map more disliked.

Trivia: The red side is built on the same construct seen in kosctb1.

KOSCTF1.pak [5.69 MiB]
Downloaded 41 times

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