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Wed Jan 09th, 2013
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Fuckemup wrote:
Proxima wrote:
Fuckemup wrote:
naah, def not the same team.
original team was better in my eyes, also in the league =)
GI nightbreeze from finland was really good at these times pretty much carried the team together with Xiero and his cousin Soheil then we had me,bobban,ninjo,bom,gman,bleeder,skaven.
pretty much kicked everyones butt in the world leagues.. only ENG gave us challange

Bollox, bollox and bollox, stop sounding like a broken record with your demo 1.03 this and that, it’s getting retarded. This nC team was way better than the old one with Xiero, this old GI fart and his mutant gay cousin. Only Xiero was a monster in that lineup. Think about it, our best lineup was you, me, Butcha, Karhu, Bleeder + Meffy in defense, who was pretty decent back then. That team would nuke most teams even NL. And don’t forget Karhu was also a fucking heavy back then, pretty much carried GT in all their matches.

Also in that 1/8 finals vs Germany, I remember I was on ts with Bleeder and Voltage and that they wanted to chit chat about meeting and shit in Finland instead of playing. Oh yea don’t fucken ask how I remember stuff like that from 8 years ago, but I do somehow by looking at the screens. Then Snakey, Meffy’s son who hadn’t played since [MoD] died had 20 kills 60 deaths or something.

Naw if you actually showed up when we played we would have stand a fair chance. With you, me, Karhu, Bleeder and Butch there, we would crush Germany easily. Then put up a good fight vs NL that could’ve gone either way tbh. It’s all about discipline and sacrifice for the team, and that have you lacked a lot of over the years my friend.

You seriously never heared of Fi Soheil?
Weedy please tell em bro d:

he was cousin of Xiero and Ninjo.. not of nightbreeze.
He actually thought them sof, had shit connection pinged like 100-120 while xiero pinged 45-70.
He was fucking skilled mate, not many players gave me a hardtime back then but he did.

How come we spanked evey team for the world league then? and now u even didn't get pass the Germany team, they had about the same team back then.. but Freak  and Nukem playing instead of dewey  :lol:
And nightbreeze was very good, he quit really early but he was like skarly in DL.. One man army, even tho GI lost amost every match they played, he capped and still recovered alot and always end up with 100-150 score higher then his teammates.. don't know if he was hacking but i couldn't kill the fucker. Then we had bom, that easily could do meffys defence, and bobban on his top in e.com times? dude your fucking sleeping.
Posting screenies of beating his old e.os clan, coming back from a 5-6 years break with ppl who never played sof, shame they even capped on you [C]riminal fucks tbh  :clap:

Only 1 you could compere with these should be bleeder defending, and he was already doing that for us aswell  :mrgreen: + ninjo + gman(realfriend of mine and bom) ajajajaj
And good connections did exist in 99-200.
Me and my father had isdn 1 mbit  (always 50-80 ping same as today with 100mbit, wtf??)
And tbh, i lag more now then i did back then.. even tho i pinged 70-150(played alot of us servers)
And even using Cyan colours(before they deleted it in 1,07 patch cause it causes lags) i never lagged like i do today... invisible skins???? never heared/saw it before 2009-2010.
Servers today are complete shit, and new computers = bad for sof. i just bought a new 1 2 gb graphic card, 1 gb ram etc etc... and still can't get 150 steady fps in a 14 year old game.


You didn't read word for word what I posted? Otherwise you wouldn’t make a post like that, simply because you know I'm right. And I knew you couldn’t respond to this without a trainwreck of words because you're an emotional crotch crab hanging onto some old school 150 pingers tampon string while he runs away from reality.

So I guess what I'm trying to say here is, you're basically the intellectual, successful demo 1.03 player that we all wish we could be.

Proxima –  And it's been like that since the get go. :troll:

14 Jan 2013, 22:34

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