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27 Jun 2022, 13:08

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acdcmd: 6 extra game command 
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Wed Nov 23rd, 2011
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Author: Acadie
Description: Add 6 command to the game.
  • Alternative to the clear command on client sided. || 50 blank echo on server sided.
     [There is no clear command for server thus, 50 is based on the full screen text mode in a command shell prior to Windows 10. Echoing too many time will result some processing and penalties to the players connected in your server. The command is useless if you are remotely managing the server.]
  • Display the current game and sofplus version.
  • Display the current time.
  • Display the current date.
  • Call (execute) either a script .cfg file or a function .func file.
  • The extension is required.
  • CALL <filename.func> /i switch will parse for the initialization function using the filename and _init suffix as function name. The initialization function accepts arguments.
  • List files and directories, similarly to the dir /b command from cmd.exe.
  • The CHDIR command is used to Change Directory.
  • 'CHDIR ..' change to the parent directory.
  • 'CHDIR /' or \ change to the root directory of the game.
  • If a directory name contains a space, the whole path must be enclosed in quotes (e.g. chdir "user/new folder/myfolder" || chdir "new folder/myfolder")
  • The CDIR command is used to list files and directories.
  • CDIR /d switch prints how many sub directories and files the selected directory has.
  • CDIR /s switch will display files and all sub directories.
  • The CHDIR alternative CD can be used only if the value of cd_nocd cvar is set to 1 on the command line --> SoF.exe +set cd_nocd "1"

- Unzip and place the two files in SOF PLATINUM/user/sofplus
- In autoexec.cfg (located in your base directory. Create one if the file doesn't exist.) or user/sofplus/sofplus.cfg for server, add exec sofplus/acdcmd.cfg on the first line of statement. This will make sure that the new commands will be loaded first for usage in a script file while initializing the game.


acdcmd.zip [6.17 KiB]
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07 May 2022, 06:53
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